Inside Beauty and Health

A Magazine for Women
Highlights of the November, 1903 issue

Beauty and Health Magazine for women
The cover. The slogan of the magazine was "Health is beauty. Ugliness is sin."

Woman's Fitness Magazine
Inside the front cover: ads for Macfadden's book and other items of interest to a woman.

Woman's Fitness Magazine
After seven more pages of similar ads, we see the table of contents.

Woman's Fitness Magazine
"Mrs. Florence Bruce, artist, New York City, N.Y. $1,000.00 Prize Contestant for the
most perfectly developed woman. Mrs. Bruce is partly a vegetarian and partly a fruitarian.
Height, 5 feet 5 inches; weight, 160 lbs."
On the facing page is the beginning of the latest installment in a series of articles.

Woman's Fitness Magazine
Exercises for women by Macfadden.

Woman's Fitness Magazine
An article advancing Macfadden's belief that women need be healthy, strong, and fit.

Woman's Fitness Magazine
Testimonials and a "Dear Abby" (long before Abby)  personal advice article.

Woman's Fitness Magazine
Information about the upcoming Physical Culture Exhibition at Madison Square Garden -
$5000 in prizes including the most "perfect woman" and athletic contests for women and girls.

Woman's Fitness Magazine
Exercises for girls.

Woman's Fitness Magazine
An indespensable
romance story. Margaret Grant was most likely a pen name used by Macfadden.

Woman's Health magazine
Inside the back cover was an ad for free pictures of classical nudes and semi-nude figures.
Macfadden was inspired by Greek ideals of beauty. He included these kinds of
reproductions in all his magazines of the time.